Media Technology & Acoustical Design
MediaTech is happy to announce that we are the only TELEFUNKEN-Elektroakustik dealer in Arizona!!!

Why do we do what we do?

Whether it be as simple as a new microphone or as complex as a complete system design, our goal is providing cost effective, yet high quality consultant services to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Too often we've heard stories of AV companies taking advantage of churches because of inexperience, lack of knowledge, or naiveté about the industry.  We don't want to see that happen anymore.  Rather than a church first buying a cheap system because of budget and then buying a second system because a greedy AV company convinced them to blow the budget for excess and lastly buying a system that fixed their problems but never met their needs; we would rather work with the church to assist establishing the right budget, develop the plan for keeping inside the budget, and then design the system to be within the budget.

Check out our Services page to see what we can offer you.  If you don't see something specific, just ask us.  We're more than willing to consider your needs and help you come up with a solution.
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